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Publicity & PR

We create award-winning creative and integrative campaigns that get the eyes and ears of the media. We draw on our strong relationships with top tier media to secure meaningful exposure that creates visibility, engagement, and drives sales. 

  • Strategy
  • Media relations & publicity


We know a thing or two about navigating the mean streets of social media and have the knowledge and expertise that cuts through the signal noise to reach the people that matter to you. We can create a social strategy that will help you to increase awareness, drive sales, and create a loyal customer base. 

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media management


We’ve worked with a vast network of influencers, both macro and micro. We leverage their voices to engage your audience, build trust and build brand awareness. We vet each influencer to ensure their audience authenticity and relevance, true reach, and engagement, ensuring it’s the right fit for you. 

  • Influencer engagement/seeding
  • Celebrity engagement/seeding
  • Collaborations & sponsorships


We all know that content is king. Great content can make or break your brand. We’re known for our sharp copy–whether it be a think piece, website copy, social media content, infographics, or your email newsletter. We create stunning visual and multimedia content with our team of award-winning partners. 

  • Content creation
  • Digital Asset Development
  • Inbound marketing
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