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hourly consulting

Book Promotion Strategy Sessions – for authors at all stages in the publishing process

Get focused, personalized advice on all aspects of promoting your non-fiction book. In these 60-minute virtual sessions, you’ll get my expert guidance tailored to your specific book and goals Whether you’re just starting out or your book launch is right around the corner, I’ll provide strategic thinking and actionable recommendations to:

  • Build an effective author platform and connect with your ideal readers
  • Craft compelling pitches to secure media coverage and speaking engagements
  • Set up the ideal technological infrastructure to support your book, from email lists to websites to sales funnels. I’ll provide recommendations on platforms and tools to manage your book promotion effectively.
  • Optimize your website and leverage social media for maximum exposure
  • Develop an impactful launch plan with realistic timelines
  • Troubleshoot challenges and identify new opportunities
  • Align your marketing approach with your brand and purpose

My decades of experience in PR, marketing and publicity combined with a passion for purpose-driven projects allows me to offer invaluable insights and ideas. Each session will be a high-value, customized consultation focused on practical next steps to grow your readership and reach.

Deliverables: Each conversation is recorded & a summary of our meeting with action steps provided within 24 hours.

Let’s connect to discuss how 1-on-1 strategy sessions can support your book promotion goals!


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